What people are saying about Strengths

“Discovering and exploring my strengths has led me down a path of deeper self-understanding. Rather than remaining fixated on my shortcomings, I have learned to celebrate and continually work on improving the ways that I already excel. Especially in the way of daily living, I have become more aware of the role my strengths play in everything I do -- from how I manage my time to how I interact with my friends, family, and peers. My strengths play a defining role in who I am as a student and individual, and I am constantly reminded of that as I bear witness to how it manifests in my many accomplishments and successes.”

Patience Parry, Class of 2020

Business and Information Technology major
Top 5: Input, Woo, Harmony, Intellection, and Focus

“I used to be kind of hard on myself for taking so long to do anything. But after learning about strengths, I started to realize that I’m actually just thinking deeply and making sure I see all the possibilities. So there’s a reason I take forever to say anything in class discussions, or decide on what food to order. What I used to consider my weaknesses are now actually my strengths!”

Christine Joseph, Class of 2020

University Studies major
Top 5: Learner, Ideation, Intellection, Deliberative, and Futuristic

"The strengths approach has given me an insight into how I approach almost every aspect of my life. It has certainly opened my eyes to qualities that I was unaware I even had. Using the strengths approach has helped me interact with many people at Virginia Tech, and it continues to be a guiding principle in everything I do. One of the first things I ask people when I meet them is what their strengths are, which has helped me understand the best way to communicate with them.”

Jacob Kansco, Class of 2020

Political Science major, Resident Assistant
Top 5: Communication, Analytical, Harmony, Consistency, and Maximizer

“I find that a strengths approach fosters an environment of positivity and a foundation for individuals to be authentic. I feel more open to vulnerability when I am able to see the good in myself and I am welcomed by others. Strengths at Virginia Tech has also given me the opportunity to meet many different people and gain appreciation for what they contribute. My world has become more optimistic by implementing this approach and I am excited to keep learning and growing!”

Gabrielle Bomberg, Class of 2019

Human Development major, Integrative Health and Wellness minor, Resident Assistant
Top 5: Learner, Restorative, Developer, Achiever, and Intellection

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