Hokie Helpers Registration Instructions

You may register either as an individual and be assigned to work with others who have volunteered or you may register yourself as part of a group. We try to keep groups starting together in the same zone on the days they are volunteering. If you would like to create your own group, you may do so using this online form as well.

Whether you are joining us as an individual or as a member of a small or large group, we (and especially the parents, families, and students) appreciate every volunteer!

Register Here

If you are registering as a group leader and want to upload a list of your members instead of them individually registering on the site, download the Hokie Helpers Group Roster spreadsheet.

During your registration, you may upload this list using the online form or send it to

Note: If your organization plans to volunteer multiple days with different members volunteering at each shift please fill out a separate group registration roster and form for each time slot selected

Your group will be scheduled to participate on all of the date(s) and time(s) that you select.


Review the frequently asked questions or email us at