Building on extensive research, Gallup, Inc. defines well-being as having five distinct elements: purpose, social, financial, community, and physical well-being. At Virginia Tech, we give added emphasis to emotional well-being by adding it as a sixth specific well-being focus, unique to our community.

Gallup says that well-being is “not only about being happy or wealthy, nor is it only synonymous with physical health. Rather, it is about the interaction and interdependency between many aspects of life, such as finding fulfillment in daily work and interactions, having strong social relationships and access to the resources people need, feeling financially secure, being physically healthy and taking part in a true community.”

The Student Affairs is committed to creating opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to increase their sense of well-being in all its aspects. Virginia Tech was recently named the fittest college in America by The Active Times. The rankings were based on fitness and wellness factors, including athletic facilities, team sports participation, campus dining, and overall quality of student life.

“Our environment promotes activeness, be it physical activity, sustainable initiatives, or group dynamics,” said Chris Wise, assistant vice president for student affairs. “Through that culture our students are aware of the importance of their overall health and wellness. As I more actively work with other health and wellness areas, I hope to increase our impact on students’ well-being.”