Graduate Students Online Programs

DiversityEdu supports the Virginia Tech Principles of Community by increasing our understanding and acceptance of diversity in all forms. The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors has determined that DiversityEdu be a requirement for all incoming students.

Haven Plus (Sexual Assault Prevention) is an online educational program for adults on the important issues of sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. Graduate students are asked to take this online program as part of Virginia Tech’s new comprehensive prevention strategy and in response to federal guidelines specified by the Campus SaVE Act.

If you are employed by the university, including as a graduate assistant, you may also be required to take the Compliance Workshop through Equity and Accessibility. This program is different than Haven Plus. Please talk to your department to find out if you are required to take the Compliance Workshop.

If you do not complete Part I by the deadline, a registration hold may be placed on your student account, which may prevent you from signing up for spring classes.

Note: These online programs are meant for students to complete on their own and not with a parent or guardian. We encourage your conversation with your student regarding the program content but please allow your student to complete the program on their own.