Live the Keystone Experience

Live the Keystone Experience

Ways to Live Keystone

Once you’ve participated in a small group, we hope you’ll LEAD a small group as a peer mentor. More information coming soon!
YOUR story is unique. An E-Portfolio will document and bring your time at Virginia Tech Keystone Experience to life. It will and help you tell your unique story to the world. More information coming soon!
We know you are doing amazing things. The Live Project is a way to share the impact your making on the world and leave a personal legacy at Virginia Tech. More information coming soon!
Being named a Keystone Fellow is a unique honor and coveted distinction. Students selected to be Keystone Fellows have the opportunity to further develop the Keystone Experience program, mentor students in the early stages of discovering the aspirations and developing their own Keystone Experience, will receive a distinction cord for graduation, and be celebrated at an annual spring induction ceremony. Learn more.

The Live phase of your Keystone Experience isn’t a final destination; rather, it means you’ve garnered an in-depth understanding of the Aspirations for Student Learning and are fully embracing what they mean to you. Live Keystone is a journey, one that will launch you into life post-graduation, as you’re discovering the true interweaving of learning inside and beyond the classroom.

This phase asks the “what,” the “how,” and the “why” of Keystone.

  • What organizations are you involved in and why?
  • How do the Aspirations influence your daily life?
  • Why are you the person you’ve become?
  • Why do you strive toward the dreams you dream?

To Live Keystone means you have an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the Aspirations for Student Learning, and that you are serving in leadership and mentorship roles that help other students discover the aspirations and define their own Keystone Experience.

The Live Phase of the Keystone Experience is in development and coming soon. Students who embody and model the Aspirations for Student Learning are invited to apply to become a Keystone Fellow, an already operational aspect of the Live phase.