Discovering Your Strengths

At Virginia Tech, students are encouraged to focus on their gifts and talents, honing them into true strengths. This is a departure from the status quo, which insists upon focusing on weaknesses and attempting to elevate them; research shows that people are much more engaged when they work within their strengths. The Division of Student Affairs is offering an assessment tool that will provide students with the knowledge and vocabulary to describe their talents and the areas in which they excel.

Students who know their talents will be able to explore and engage the Aspirations for Student Learning at a more personal level. Through this exploration, students can be intentional in investing in their talents, expanding their curiosities, and putting those talents to use. This commitment will help them develop their true strengths while at Virginia Tech.

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What people are saying about the strengths approach

As part of the pilot year implementation of strengths-based education, individuals and organizations from throughout the Virginia Tech community are using the StrengthsFinder assessment tool to better understand themselves, their colleagues, and how they work together as a team. A range of areas from fraternities to resident advisors to teaching assistants to the Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc.—are finding it valuable in a variety of settings. Read what others are saying.

Strengths Resources

Please take some time to review the following documents to get a better understanding of the strengths-based philosophy, as well as reflect upon your own strengths:

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