Christopher Tam


Christopher TamThe mission of the Asian American Student Union (AASU) is to serve as an umbrella organization over the Asian/Pacific Islander American (APIA) community and the branching undergraduate APIA organizations. It strives to enhance and further the individual cultural and ethnic diversities that exist in the APIA community, and to address the problems and concerns of the APIA community to the university administration and other student organizations. The AASU motto is “Strength through Unity.”

As this year’s president of the Asian American Student Union, Chris Tam worked to bridge the mainstream American and APIA communities through mutual understanding and support. He furthered the organization’s goals in thoughtful and strategic ways. Under his leadership, AASU has become a stronger advocate for Virginia Tech’s Asian American students. The 2012 fall culture show demonstrated fundamental links between the Asian American diaspora, and the uniqueness of the Asian American experience. This year’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month theme, “Asian America: What Is. What could be?” transcended the celebration of Asian ethnicities, and engaged students in critical discussions about what it means to be Asian American. And for the first time in Virginia Tech’s history, AASU will provide a written brief about the needs of Asian American students. Chris is one of the authors of this document, which will inform diversity policy.

His nominator wrote, “As AASU president, Chris is an excellent conflict mediator. Traditionally, AASU acts as an informal resolution committee for its umbrella organizations, and Chris has been excellent in this capacity. Unlike many junior leaders, Chris has demonstrated the ability to depersonalize conflict and find amicable resolutions for both parties. His vision, actions, and personality speak to the character that Virginia Tech looks to develop in its student leaders.”

Chris states his philosophy succinctly: “My passion is pretty simple—just leave things better than I found them.” Chris’s resume reveals that he has done just that. In addition to his advocacy through AASU, Chris co-founded the Diversity Network, an organization that connects employers to minority students. He also co-founded and serves as chair of the Remembrance Foundation, a group dedicated to sustaining the solidarity built post-4/16, preventing future tragedies, and collaborating with like-minded organizations on community-building projects to deter violence and discrimination.

Surprised and humbled by his selection as an Aspire! Award recipient, Chris said, “There are so many great leaders on campus, and I feel extremely blessed to be recognized among them. What I tried to do is promote mutual understanding, mutual support, and a sense of community—just like many other student leaders on campus. I do not think I have an incredibly unique approach to this. I simply try to keep an open mind and thoroughly consider every option before moving to act.”

A dean’s list and university honors student, Chris is a senior who will graduate with degrees in economics and finance. After graduation, he will pursue a career in public service in the Washington, D.C., metro area. His parting advice to fellow students is, “Make sure to be aware of what you know and even more aware of what you do not know. For the first, you must be comfortable with the knowledge you already hold, so that when the opportunity comes, you can maximize your potential. For the second, you must always stay humble and realize that there is always more to learn.”

For his leadership skills in guiding this important student organization; for his diplomacy and care in handling conflict; for his advocacy on behalf of all students; and for his willingness to tackle the topic of what it means to be Asian American at Virginia Tech, Chris Tam is presented the Aspire! Award for CIVILITY.

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