Michael Smith

Prepare for a life of COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP

Michael SmithMichael Smith joined Pi Lambda Phi fraternity because of a desire for networking, brotherhood, unity, and responsibility. Sitting in a room surrounded by 45 of his new brothers, who knew very little about him, he took a stance. He told them everything they stood for was standing in the way of their goals. He told them he wanted to banish the status quo, build better gentlemen, and get back to the ideals on which the fraternity was founded.

Smith said, "They often joked about starting a philanthropy or establishing a risk management intervention. I actually stood up and said 'why not?'" From that day on he has been on a rewarding quest to turn a group of men who had been cited for hazing, known for their drinking habits, and shunned for their disrespect, into a group of well-rounded gentlemen.

Over the past three years Smith has accomplished two major milestones. First, working with the Campus Alcohol Abuse Prevention Center, he developed an alcohol awareness program for his fraternity. This class is taught to all incoming pledges and includes e-blasts that go out to every brother, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to be safe around alcohol. Second, he developed the Well-Developed Man program, a process of setting specific goals focusing on academics, philanthropy, health, social interactions, and awareness. Smith said, "The experience gave me the opportunity to break down that status quo associated with Greek life, and show them that just because you are Greek doesn't mean you necessarily make the 'Animal House' decisions with alcohol."

His nominator wrote, "While he is passionate about everything he does, he is a quiet leader, who models appropriate behaviors for his peers, shows empathy for those around him, and steps in when he sees others need assistance."

Smith said, "Initially people mistake my method of stepping back and letting others take the lead as being a poor leader, but what they don't understand is I am just looking at their strengths. Let people take the lead and see where they could use their leadership skills. Once they think they are the leader, step in and help them be a better leader. Now you have a team of leaders who all feel important and who all complement each other. If you help people become their best it motivates you to be your best."

He practices that philosophy as an IMPACT Peer Educator with the Campus Alcohol Abuse Prevention Center, taking the lead on multiple projects and making many significant contributions.

Smith completed his education at Virginia Tech in three years. A dean's list student and a senior majoring in hospitality and tourism management, Smith is weighing two full-time job offers, one with a fortune 500 company. He would like to eventually obtain an MBA in finance.

Smith likes to quote Bill Gates: "Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose." Smith says all his successes have been the result of failures – failures that motivated him to do better, learn more, and be more.

For his tenacious spirit; for inspiring others to take the lead; and for his keen grasp on what it truly means to be a leader, the Aspire! Award for courageous leadership is presented to Michael Smith.

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December 1, 2017
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