Catherine Goggins

Prepare for a life of COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP

Catherine Goggins It’s not hard to see all of the injustices in the world today. Wars, environmental issues, orphans, inequality, and poverty—all make us want to fight back for people in circumstances beyond their control.

But it takes true courage to advocate for those who are marginalized for reasons in their control, and that’s exactly what Catherine Goggins is doing.

After expressing an interest in therapeutic agriculture, Catherine visited Alderson Hospitality House, a home that serves families who come to visit women incarcerated at a federal prison camp in West Virginia. Her trip to Alderson changed the direction of her career path as she saw first-hand the injustices in this prison system.

Her nominator said, “Through her courage, leadership, and commitment to challenge the status quo, Catherine works to shed light on the injustices of the incarcerated, who are vulnerable, marginalized, and have no voice to speak out for themselves.”

She organized the “Prisons in Appalachia Panel” at Virginia Tech, recruiting sponsors, gathering panel members, and promoting the event to share her passion and insight. The event began with low expectations, but, when many students indicated an interest in attending this first-time event, Catherine moved it to a larger venue. On the night of the panel presentation, students lined the back wall, sat on the floor, and overflowed into the hallway. Catherine made known the need for a more dignified treatment of the incarcerated in Appalachia.

As the Newman Community’s Justice and Service Coordinator, Catherine set up projects that have sent more than 100 students on nine different trips to serve at the Alderson Hospitality House.

She immersed herself in the Alderson community and, in 2014, began two community gardens to grow organic produce. Catherine collaborated with other gardeners and provided seedlings and produce to the local farmer’s market. That summer, she planned and participated in weekly food and literacy lessons for elementary-aged children in the small West Virginia town. She said, “I’ve learned that people in community are incredibly resilient.”

Outside of her work in Alderson, Catherine leads many efforts for sustainable practices at Virginia Tech. She represented the Environmental Coalition in SGA’s House of Representatives, which successfully worked to increase students’ access to water bottle refilling stations and created opportunities for engagement and economic exchange between students and local farmers. For this work, Catherine was named Representative of the Year in SGA in 2013.

However, when asked what she is most proud of, Catherine emphatically stated, “Virginia Tech’s chapter of Be the Match on Campus, without a doubt!” She co-founded the chapter during her sophomore year to help find lifesaving matches for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anemia, and over 60 other diseases. About 700 Hokies have been added to the registry since the chapter was founded, and Catherine knows of two donors who have been called upon to donate. She wanted to use this platform to say, “I’m so thankful for their life-giving donations, for the team that makes it happen, my mom who encouraged me to register in the first place, and to everyone who has swabbed their cheeks!”

And we want to thank Catherine for the work she is doing to speak for those who cannot, for her commitment to environmental justice, and for leading her peers to serve. I’m pleased to present the Aspire! Award for COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP to Catherine Goggins.

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