About Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to the growth, development, and achievement of students at Virginia Tech. This organization works closely with academic colleagues to support students as they learn to be successful and effective leaders in the emerging global community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to promote student learning, life skills, and personal growth through a strong focus on holistic student development and collaborative partnerships that deliver superior service to, and care for, students in the spirit of Ut Prosim

Aspirations for Student Learning

  • Commit to unwavering CURIOSITY

    Virginia Tech students will be inspired to lead lives of curiosity, embracing a life-long commitment to intellectual development.


    Virginia Tech students will form a set of affirmative values and develop the self-understanding to integrate these values into their decision-making.

  • Practice CIVILITY

    Virginia Tech students will understand and commit to civility as a way of life in their interactions with others.

  • Prepare for a life of COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP

    Virginia Tech students will be courageous leaders who serve as change agents and make the world more humane and just.

  • Embrace UT PROSIM as a way of life

    Virginia Tech students will enrich their lives through service to others.

Guiding Principles for Service

We will foster a community of excellence and opportunity through learning, service, respect, and innovation.

  • Learning: We will advocate lifelong learning by challenging and supporting students and staff to pursue intellectual, personal and professional development while embracing a variety of life experiences.

  • Respect: We will embrace the Principles of Community which value inclusiveness and diversity, understanding that every individual should be treated with dignity, courtesy and kindness.

  • Service: We will, in the spirit of Ut Prosim, provide a quality experience for students, colleagues and customers that upholds or exceeds expectations.

  • Innovation: We will continually examine our practices seeking creative and efficient ways to improve while balancing the needs of today and preserving the resources of tomorrow.

Diversity Initiatives

The Division of Student Affairs affirms and supports the Virginia Tech Principles of Community and the Virginia Tech Board of Visitor's Commitment to a Diverse and Inclusive Community.

DSA Organization

Learn how our offices are structured and who to contact in the array of offices that comprise the Division of Student Affairs.

Governance – Commission on Student Affairs

The charge of the Commission on Student Affairs is to study, formulate, and recommend to University Council policies and procedures which affect graduate and undergraduate student life and morale.